If you’ve got questions, we’re serving up answers.

Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Carvel® franchise?

Yes – both are preferred and restaurant experience is required. However, if you are a great prospect but do not have sufficient restaurant experience, we do offer an internship program, which is a six-day, unpaid evaluation program where you will get both restaurant and classroom training. This does not replace our ice cream franchise certification training program.

Is Carvel® offering single and multi-unit opportunities?

We are currently seeking qualified candidates to open both single and multi-unit franchises.

What are the initial ice cream franchise fee and royalty fees?

Initial franchise Fee:

  • Full Shoppe: $30,000
  • Express & Hosted Express Shoppes: $10,000
  • Combined Advertising and Royalty is approximately 6-7%

What type of training will I receive as a new Carvel® franchisee?

  • Manager-in-training program: Classroom and in-Shoppe for Full & Express Shoppes.
  • Full and Express Shoppes will be equipped with access to e-learning and video modules to assist in ongoing training, along with crew training guides for both core menu items and promotional items.
  • Ongoing training includes hourly employee training tools and promotion training guides.
  • Your Franchise Business Consultant and the Carvel® Training Department will make regular visits to your Shoppes.

Does Carvel® offer financing?

No. We do not provide financing; however, we do have a relationship with a third party that will assist you in obtaining the financing you will need.

How soon can I expect my Carvel® franchise to open?

Your first franchise (Full Shoppe) will generally open within 12 months of signing your franchise agreement. Express Shoppes can open within three months from signing your franchise agreement. If you have real estate already identified, these timelines can be greatly reduced.

Where are Carvel® ice cream Shoppe franchises generally located?

  • Carvel Full Shoppes® are generally located in strip centers with the end-cap being preferred.
    Site Criteria: 800-1,600 square feet with a 15 square foot frontage.
  • The Carvel Express Model® is designed for flexibility to allow the sale of Carvel® products in captive audience locations and co-branding situations.
    Site Criteria: Minimum of 30-100 square feet with a three-foot frontage for a Hosted Express location.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing Shoppe equipment and supplies?

Yes. We have a preferred vendor program that covers all aspects of opening your franchise.

Will I receive assistance in planning a Carvel® grand opening?

Yes. Every opening of a Carvel® receives training, operations and marketing support, PR, and POS support.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form. We will contact you shortly to speak to you about the Carvel® franchise opportunity!