What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a sweet promotion?

During the weeks of February 4th and 11th, Carvel® guests are in for a special Valentine’s treat. Take-home ice cream pints in classic Cookie Puss® and Fudgie the Whale® flavors will be available via delivery services including GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats. Bustle, a digital publication popular among Millennials, posted an article detailing the promotion. The author urges readers to forego the classic Valentine’s dinner-date and stay home with a pint (or several pints) of Carvel® ice cream.

Carvel® franchise owners are just as – if not more – excited for the upcoming promotion. Take home treats provide an additional revenue stream for franchise owners. This promotion reminds guests that take-home treats are a delicious option, and franchise owners may profit from additional sales.

The promotion also encourages guests to use delivery platforms to get their favorite Carvel® treats at home. While many guests are familiar with ordering tasty ice cream treats in-shoppe, ordering ice cream via a delivery platform may not be top of mind. Delivery services allow franchise owners to capture sales that would have previously been missed from guests that don’t want to leave their homes.

It’s a sweet deal for loyal fans and franchise owners.

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