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World Class Support

When you join the Carvel® team, you'll work with passionate, experienced professionals who have extensive brand building, development and operational experience in all areas of the ice cream franchise industry. Our commitment to our Franchisees is to provide support and service based on respect, trust and dedication to the success of your franchise.

Here are just a few of the ways we'll support you through the life of your Carvel franchise.



  • Comprehensive assistance in site selection using the Strategic Integrated Mapping and Modeling System (SIMMS) specifically customized for Carvel ice cream franchise opportunities
  • Prototypical design/construction support and conceptual layouts for new shoppes
  • Access to brokers, architects, general contractors, equipment suppliers and other vendors trained and experienced in Carvel shoppe franchise development
  • Dedicated ice cream franchise support team


  • All-inclusive, certified training at Carvel College for Franchisees and key managers
  • Continuing corporate and on-site shoppe training
  • Training manuals and online access to training tools and development support
  • In-depth Carvel ice cream franchise operations manual


  • Initial management training and ongoing ice cream shoppe franchise consultation
  • Access to corporate management team for business review and performance analysis
  • Regular consultation visits from Carvel Franchise Business Consultants
  • Inspections focusing on quality, service and cleanliness


  • Innovative, targeted marketing plans, programs and promotions
  • High quality point-of-purchase, merchandising and local marketing materials
  • Dedicated marketing and public relations staff to assist with marketing and media planning
  • Seasonal and local marketing campaigns
  • Online access to local marketing ideas and materials database
  • In-house creative agency that provides ice cream Franchisees with unique, customizable advertising and branding materials


  • Delivery of menu variety through continuous testing, improved products and expanded offerings
  • Operational support and quality assurance
  • Proprietary recipes and new product rollouts


  • Regular consultant visits from the Carvel ice cream franchise support team
  • Regular Q&A consultations
  • Business review analysis of a location’s sales and performance vs. system-wide benchmarks
  • Operating system manuals
  • Password-protected Intranet
  • Cost-savings programs through our National Accounts division


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Success Stories
Sure, we deal with day-to-day challenges, but the support we've received has been invaluable. We haven't encountered a problem that wasn't able to be handled with the help of other Franchisees or corporate. Carvel has our best interest at heart, so they're always willing to help. Carvel is constantly working to develop new strategies that will enable us to stay competitive.
Judy Arsenault, single-unit Carvel owner since 1988, Middletown, NY