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Carvel® offers two concepts for ice cream franchise development – our newly designed Full Shoppe and the Carvel Express Shoppe. Each ice cream franchise concept is designed to work in various locations and allows the opportunity to offer our popular, tasty ice cream products.

Carvel Full Shoppe

The Full Carvel Shoppe, designed to be an ice cream factory, allows Franchisees to make more than 200 menu items in-house. Creating all products by hand enables our Franchisees to consistently provide the freshest and highest quality ice cream treats.

  • Site Criteria: 800 - 1,600 square feet
  • End-cap preferred
  • Minimum 15 feet of frontage

Carvel Express Shoppe

The Carvel Express Shoppe, designed for flexibility, allows the sale of Carvel ice cream in captive audience locations and co-branding situations where there is either less demand for our world famous ice cream cakes or space limitations for the production of certain menu items.

  • Site Criteria: 30 - 300 square feet
  • Target Venues: co-branded locations, travel venues, casinos, universities, kiosks, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, military bases, large corporate food centers theme parks and convention centers

If you have a site you feel would be right for the next Carvel ice cream franchise, please complete the required fields on the form and your submittal will be forwarded to the appropriate Carvel real estate professional. Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to receiving your submittals.

Please fill out the form below to submit a site location. Please attach any site plans, real estate brochures or pictures of the intended site.

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Success Stories
Sure, we deal with day-to-day challenges, but the support we've received has been invaluable. We haven't encountered a problem that wasn't able to be handled with the help of other Franchisees or corporate. FOCUS Brands has our best interest at heart, so they're always willing to help. Carvel is constantly working to develop new strategies that will enable us to stay competitive.
Judy Arsenault, single-unit Carvel owner since 1988, Middletown, NY