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Unique Difference

The Carvel® brand was created with the understanding that people always crave a happy escape. Since Tom Carvel first dreamt of selling the ice cream, our Guests have turned to Carvel for their little occasions and big celebrations. We are a break from their routines and a chance to reconnect. These moments of joy are why the Carvel name is so loved.

We enjoy brand recognition of more than 90% in our core markets. Our guests show their love and loyalty on social media sites. Our products constantly show up in new TV shows and movies. We are a part of people’s lives, interwoven in the fabric of today’s culture.

Guests have traveled hundreds of miles for our handmade Carvel cakes. We’ve received messages from fans begging us to bring their favorite ice cream brand to their areas. Which is why we continue to build upon our history and signature products. We have expanded our menu and our footprint, with more than 400 locations in 25 states and five international markets.

There has never been a better time to become a Carvel Franchisee.

Americans work harder and are busier than ever before. Yet, everyone still needs a break from their everyday routine. They want time to reconnect and simple pleasures to celebrate. They crave a high-quality experience, like the fresh, real ice cream taste they can only find at Carvel ice cream shoppes.

The Carvel brand gives you the tools to provide the treats America is craving. Carvel is committed to educating our Franchisees at our Carvel College of Ice Cream Knowledge. Along with a dedicated team of Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs), marketing professionals and an active Franchise Advisory Council, each franchisee receives the knowledge and support to continue to the brand’s success.

Is the Carvel Brand Right For You?

Our purpose is simple—to put a smile on every face. To do this we seek out franchisees with a passion for creating superior ice cream in a fun, inviting environment. Together, we can create great memories—for you, your family and, most importantly, your guests. Make your dream of ownership a reality and begin your ice cream franchise ownership journey with Carvel today!

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Success Stories
I feel that Carvel is 100% open and honest with me. As the Franchise Advisory Council President, I have an opportunity to see how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Words can't describe the amount of things they've done for us – the honesty, the communication, the direction, and the support – it's all there.
George Tsioflikis, single-unit Carvel owner since 1996, Watertown, CT